Voice Classes

LMC Production classes will build you as a vocalist. Whether you are a beginner or a novice, the course will take you to the next level in your development. The class is designed for the serious minded and committed person who is ready to grow and have fun enhancing their craft.

Classes are taught by Loretta Marie Chandler of the hit television series “FAME”. She brings her many years of professional experience to the class and shares her industry knowledge. She also seeks to introduce class members to various other hard hitters in the industry who will advise and counsel you on how to navigate your road to success!


You need a strong desire to grow and learn; with an open heart, mind and imagination. Comfortable clothes, shoes, notebook, pencil and access to the internet to take online exams.


  • Warm-up routine
  • Vocal and/or Breathing Exercises
  • Learning Objective for the week
  • Activity for the week
  • Close Out session / Homework (sometimes completed online)

Learning objectives and activities will include, but is not limited to the following skill-sets.

  • How to properly prepare your vocal instrument
  • How to produce the proper airflow
  • How to create a pure and natural tone
  • How to use your diaphragm for proper support
  • Producing the correct resonance that will define your voice
  • How to shape your sound with tone placement
  • How to recognize Scales, Octaves & Music Theory
  • How to properly strengthen your voice for dexterity & stamina
  • How to apply productive practice techniques for better vocal coordination
  • How to maintain what you have learned for life.


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