LMC Production Current Project Supply List

SupportLMCProductionLMC Production would like to thank you in advance for your generous support.  below is a list of the supplies, equipment and/or expenses needed to make our production a success.

Choose the expense you are willing to take on for us from the list provided below.  The list is update regularly.



“Clickthrough” Supply List

Special ink jet paper to make the temporary tattoos, which are placed on the actors as stickers.

  • Cost: $33.99.00/each
  • Need 3 packages - (one package purchased.)
  • Total: 101.97 - 33.99 - $67.98

Support Temporary Tattoos


  • Candles will be  used in the Upper Room Set
  • Cost: $17/set (of 6) - Need 4 sets
  • Total:  $68.00  (purchased)


Support Flamesless Candles

  • Fulgurite is glass made out of sand when struck by lightning
  • The lamp projector will be used as a special effect tool one of the webisodes
  • Cost:  $30.00 - Fulgurite  (purchased)
  • Cost:  $25.00 - Projector
  • Total $25.00


Support Fulgurite and Projector

  • Food provided during actual shoots – Shoots 5 days.
  • Need to feed about 30 people, snacks and 1 to 2 full meals.
  • $10/person/day = $(10x30)x5=$1500.00


Support Food Service

  • Postcards flyers to be passed out.
  • Design Fee: $95.00
  • Copies  5000 - $600.00

Support Marketing Flyers

  • Social Media Blitz Campaign.
  • Facebook saturated ads and group postings.
  • Postings provided multiples times each day to over 200 groups over the course of a month.


Support Online Marketing


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