Hope you enjoyed our first film project.  It was provided on a very limited budge and we thank all the hands that donated their time and talent to make this happen. Your feed back is important to use.  Please comment on our work below.Your words of encouragement mean more than you’ll every know.

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  1. Prescilla

    We absolutely enjoyed both episodes!Great Job Loretta Chandler and cast!

  2. Letha Johnson

    Truly enjoyed this episode, looking forward to the next one.
    Mrs. Loretta, awesome work??
    Everyone was great in their performance.
    May God continue to Bless each of you

  3. Lisa Richardson

    Lisa Richardson I am so happy that my daughter has been a part of a project with such a great message.

  4. Alyson Norman Morrissette

    Enjoyed the first episode!

  5. Miguel Gomez


  6. Pam Sullivan

    I remember when they completed one of the webisodes for the series Clickthrough. The put a full day with over 6 hours filming. A job well done to the actors, the North Atlanta High School filming crew (Paul & Summer), sound engineer Ken Rogers of StreamingBest.com, ShowItt Entertainment, LLC sound equipment, Cloretta Chandler, writer, composite photographer Rafael Picture Magic, the Parents, and Loretta Chandler for her vision. ?

  7. Mattie Richardson

    I really enjoyed been there with my granddaughter and the rest of the crew. Zoria sitting on top with the braids and hand stretched forward

  8. Lisa McIntyre

    Excellent job guys. Keep up the good work and the end result will be awesome!

  9. Vernice Stewart

    This production was amazing, I really enjoyed it!!!

  10. Velma Thompson

    Awesome work. I truly enjoyed it

  11. Trinity Washington

    I liked all the episodes and i especially like when in episode 3 where the voice of god was talking

  12. Anonymous

    I think it was good but you guys weren’t on point but the rest was really good. Want to see the rest.

  13. David

    Really Good. It’s hard to believe you were able to put this together with practically no money. Wow. I see where I can support. Happy to give to something so positive for our kids. They need to know they can be proud followers of GOD!

  14. Jackie Epps

    This is amazing. Loved every bit of it.

  15. Prescilla Givens-Stitt

    My baby is in this production and what a wonderful production. Thank you Miss Loretta.


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Clickthrough Production Information


“Clickthrough” is an original web series featuring gifted students who are struck by lightning which prepares their vessels for the work to come, but first they must take hold of their kingdom inheritance and fully embrace their heavenly entitlement.

Our very first film project was provided on an extremely low budget of less than $400.  Therefore, we must give a huge shout out to all the amazing hands that donated their time and talent to make this happen.  To the parents and students for all their dedicated hard work and to Lisa Richardson to was the main contact person to get this project off the ground.

God bless you all!

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