Black Path Finder is one of Atlanta’s greatest new dinner theater shows inspired by the block buster hit movie, ‘The Black Panther’.

Synopsis:  In the very near future, the hour draws nigh to the time of ascension when the central lunar eclipse will pass right through the center of the Earth’s shadow. If this gathering proves to be the night foretold in the sacred scrolls, then we will know before that time expires, who will ascend to the throne and unite all the tribes of Africa, or will failure to complete the trials render no worthy candidate?  Or will miss guided love, greed and a lust for power kill the future ruler before they can take the throne?  Come see if you’re clever enough to help the candidates pass their trials.  Or dance with the cast in our African Congo Line while while enjoying a fabulous meal.

Get caught up in the intrigue of the mystic legend.

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Meet The Cast of Black ‘Path Finders’!

Raphel Nyaimsi Bang

Raphael plays Taj Alpha: (TAUJ) means ‘exalted or crown’ and Alpha is Guinean for ‘Leader’. Taj is the new leader of the Amalgamated African League and conducts the ascension ceremony.  Without hesitation he dedicates his life to the league, even if it means he must sacrifice his own person happiness.

David Solomon

David Hassan Solomon was born and raised in Cleveland,OH. He discovered his passion for acting and modeling after being invited to a musical event by a friend. After that eye opening experience he has wholeheartedly embraced the acting and theater lifestyle and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.  He played the lead role of Dr. Shaun Goodman in the movie ‘The Talented 10th’ and portrays one of the leading characters in this production as ‘Abrafo’.  His considerable personal and professional experiences as a life coach and inspirational speaker keeps him busy as a world famous Keynote speaker for Progress Junkies, a company he founded.  His deepest passion resides in rebuilding and transforming lives with discipline, focus, hard love and wit. The ProgressJunkie mantra is and will always be -” MARRY PROGRESS AND YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH TO GREATNESS!”


Diane Carter

Diane Denise Carter is best known for her love for children in the performing arts. She served as the Performing Arts Director for the Children’s Ministry at World Changers Church International for over 15 years, stepping down in 2017 to pursue her career in the arts. Over the years from 1995 to 2007 she owned and operated a total of 5 dance studios putting on productions at Clayton County Performing Arts Center – Stroud Hall (1800 seat auditorium) twice a year and various venues. She also founded Perfected Praise Performing Arts and Dance, an outreach ministry for children. Ironically, it was later in life that Diane felt led by the spirit to resurrect her vision to act and in 2016 she graduated from AMTC – Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. You may have seen her recently on an episode of Dynasty, The Quad and The Resident. Her recent theatrical performances was “Deliver Our Male” and “The Christmas Story – As Told By Us Folks” both in 2017. Her love for entertaining and seeing people happily enjoying a TV show, a film or a theater production is what keeps Diane in hot pursuit of an acting career, no matter the age!

Cheveyo Madu Abayomi

Cheveyo Madu Abayomi is a graduate of NYU ‘09 with a BFA in Theater. He is known among his peers as an artistic renaissance man. His background includes acting, hip-hop dance choreography, screen writing, stand-up comedy, film production/editing, photography & music; all done on stages and films in NYC, Austin, TX, and Atlanta, GA. His last performance was done in Tucker, Georgia’s own Orange Box Theater as Lloyd Dallas in “Noises Off”. He is a versatile performer who is excited about sharing his knowledge and cultivating the craft of the people around him.

Tiana Davis

Tiana Davis is a multi-faceted and talented creator within the entertainment industry, with strength in a multitude of complimentary arenas. Over five years of combined experience as a model, host, producer and personality this amazing woman is passionate, compassionate, relatable, and authentic.  You may recognize her as one of the on camera host/personalities of the YouTube sensation ‘The Lipstick Series”, which currently has over 28 million views and 150,000+subscribers.  Or as a model representing top brands like Nike, Jordan (Global Campaign), Asics, Honda(National Commercial), MTV; HBO (TrueBlood); Sofi and American Greetings.  As a producer, Tiana has created two podcasts, both geared towards empowerment, black culture, and living your truth.  Tiana is also a 2016 Olympic Qualifier. 



Leroy Kester

Leroy Kester is an upcoming actor of Nigerian Descent. Having worked on sets alongside Hollywood names such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Anthonie Mackie and a host of others.  He is taking a step forward by bringing his talent to the stage. He is also pursuing a BS in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University.

Loretta Chandler (Writer/Director)

Loretta Marie Chandler is best known for her honest portrayal of ‘Dusty Tyler’ on the innovative television series “Fame” when she replaced Janet Jackson as a series regular and won an Luminous Award for the episode, “Self Defense”. You may also recognize her from guest appearances on a Movie of the Week called “Give Me My Child” staring Valerie Bertenelii, or from “A Different World” or “Misery Brothers”, however Loretta’s first love is theater where she stared in numerous national tours such as; “Dream Girls”, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”, “The Gospel Truth”, “Law’d Ha Mercy” “Wait Until Dark”, “Out Of The Frying Pan” and “Harlem Suite” where a special solo featured spot was created for her by the director and co-writers, Maurice Hines and Jennifer Holiday. Now Loretta has a new love, writing, directing and producing her own work. She is most proud of her latest venture, “The Black Path Finders!”

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