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LMC_FacesTo participate in an LMC Production private course requires a strong and dedicated spirit, that is willing to devote the time and energy needed to be successful in this demanding field or entertainment. If you are that type of person with years of experience or just starting out, then LMC Production is the place where you can grown and take your talent to new and exciting heights.

LMC Production Offerings:

Private coaching sessions are essential for the committed performer throughout various times in their career. Private coaching is used to focus on the actor for a specific purpose, which will allow them to fine tune their craft for a specific performance or role.

NOTE: It is not a substitute for the ongoing training as all actors need to be in classes where they can work off and with other actors.  Actors of all ages should always continue to train.

Preparing for a huge audition is a great example of when you may need an acting coach, or to help take you to another level in a performance you are currently working on. 

Private Coaching Sessions Include the following is not limited to…

  • Removing any road blocks that may hinder the actor’s overall performance
  • How to freely and quickly expressing the desired emotion
  • Working through specific roles for an audition
  • Preparing the best and most exciting monologue for their portfolio
  • Honing cold/site reading skills
  • Improving a performance for a call back request

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Private voice lessons are scheduled for the serious minded performer.  Even a person with a God given gift, can magnify it with the assistance of a vocal coach.  If you are a singer, speaker, preacher, teacher, or simply want to build your confidence to communicate and idea or thought, a good vocal coach can get you there.  We will also show you how to maintain the health of your instrument for a life time.

We also take great care to develop your voice in away that is appropriate for your type of instrument.  We will strengthen your voice and make it more flexible.  You’ll learn how to use your voice the right way in all styles and genres.

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Private beginning piano lessons are not only fun, it’s a great tool to make your brain stronger. Studies have shown that at any age, learning to play piano enhances your mental abilities in school, work and play!

Private beginning piano lessons are scheduled for the serious minded student.

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